Ian S.

Ian S.

Matt Merrick is great! He clearly has a tremendous amount of experience with immigration law. He is an excellent communicator, at all times clear and unambiguous. He leans toward generosity with his time when there is a need for a phone conversation, and his manner is friendly and approachable. And he gets results! My wife just got her 10-year Green Card, and we are very pleased.

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Matt Merrick is great! He clearly has a tremendous amount of experience with immigration law. He is an excellent communicator, at all times clear and unambiguous. He leans toward generosity with his time when there is a need for a phone conversation, and his manner is friendly and approachable. And he gets results! My wife just got her 10-year Green Card, and we are very pleased.

- Ian S.

Mr. Merrick was honest and informative. He helped lead me in the right direction as it can be confusing and overwhelming to find the right lawyer for the right situation. I am super appreciative for his taking the time to help me.

- Sarah B.

5 stars to Mr. Merrick! He helped us out through the process. His team is A+. He always kept us up-to-date. And he was always available to our endless questions. Thank you so much. We highly recommend his services- Excellent Attorney!

- Maryam I.

This is a law firm that truly cares. I received so much help from them, which was specific to my personal needs.

- Aaron M.

The service that I received from Mr. Merrick was the best! He handled everything perfectly fine and never turned us down with anything. He is a responsible person and know his job from start to the end, I strongly recommend him to anyone! Thanks again Matt!!

- Marlin P.

I called Mr. Merrick with some questions regarding a planned relocation abroad and he could not have been more friendly and helpful. He took the time to answer whatever questions I had, and was kind enough to provide multiple references to attorneys that might be able to assist further. Top notch!

- Emile A.

My husband and I are so thrilled we hired Matt Merrick as our immigration attorney.  From the very first consultation, I knew we were in good hands.  Matt helped us every step of the way, prepared us for any potential disruption, gave us rough timelines for the different steps in this complicated visa process, and outlined what he needed from us, making this complicated process as seamless as possible.  I would recommend Matt to any other couple wishing to go through the fiancé visa/green card process, especially same-sex couples, as Matt had specific advice for situations like ours.

- Michael R.

Matt was very professional and treated us like friends when he handled all the paperwork and assistance for obtaining a fiancée visa for my future wife who was from the Philippines.  Everything went smoothly and no problems were encountered with USCIS during the process.  We would highly recommend Matt’s Law Firm to anyone who needs assistance with immigration issues.

- Patrick M.

Great to work with! Very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

- Derek L.

I have been working with Matt and his team for 4 years on different cases! I’m writing these comments on the very day when my own case was finally approved. It has been a huge pleasure having Matt on my side. What distinguishes Matt from many other lawyers isn’t just his great background, more importantly he has the determination and caring heart to guide people like me through the scary immigration processes! You will not be disappointed choosing him to fight for you!!!

- Leqin C.

Absolutely amazing!! I sensed a genuine interest in helping rather than keeping your money. I’ll use his service in the future and highly recommend him.

- Francisco D.

Mr. Merrick did a great job with our case. It was a very challenging one, and Mr. Merrick was able to help us prepare for a difficult interview with USCIS. He was patient, informative, and worked very hard to ensure that we succeeded. I would recommend immigration attorney Matt Merrick to anyone.

- On-Anong N.

Matt was very helpful with my process. In many aspects, he went the extra mile needed to complete some required task. He was available all the time either by email or online video chat, always willing to help and answer my questions. Patience is one of his virtues.

- Juan J.

Matt is an incredible immigration lawyer: Patient, diligent, personable, and highly professional. He made the process clear and manageable. Highly recommended.

- Tim S.

I worked with Matt and he was always a Class Act. He listened and did what he could for my immigration case with quick results. He has an efficient staff! If I ever were to run into a similar situation, I am going to him. He was also was very reasonable and flexible when discussing costs and schedule of payments. I will forever be grateful to him for his help.

- Gerardo P.

Mr. Merrick was very helpful he took the time out to let me explain detail to detail about the questions I had about immigration. I would definitely recommend others to inquire about his services.

- Samantha S.

He is a great lawyer who can help and give you a very thorough consultation over the phone, I advise him strongly

- Mariam E.

Merrick Immigration gave me insight on how my case should proceed. He laid out all the options, which help me decide which one was the best…Thank you for your assistance.

- Carmencita K.

I appreciated his honesty. Matt was very knowledgeable and helpful. Thank You!

- Rose C.

Mr. Merrick was very thorough in explaining all the details regarding the immigration situation I presented to him. He was very knowledgeable, which put my mind at ease. He did not hesitate in providing me with options and I am very happy to have dealt with him. Highly recommend his services.

- Dee D.L.

Very experienced, polite, and a flawless lawyer with a kind heart. 100% recommended to all.

- Adeel S.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Matt today. I confirm that he is professional and very helpful. He provided me with interesting information and answers. I recommend him without hesitation! Thank you, Matt!

- Hajar E.

I called Matt about my green card and naturalization application. Matt was patient and attentive as I explained my situation and asked many questions. He was thorough in answering all of my questions, he anticipated some of my follow-up questions, and gave me a few options on what to do next explaining them in detail. His services are very reasonably priced as well, and I would be happy to work with him again.

- Arnab M.

I engaged Mr. Merrick’s services for my whole family more than 2 years ago and even though there were some unexpected bumps in the road, Mr. Merrick provided a caring and highly professional service. We had a hard time dealing with the NVC and USCIS but nothing that could not be fixed with some hard work and time. Mr. Merrick genuinely cares about his clients and although there are no guarantees of success, he makes every effort possible to bring about a successful resolution.

- Charlotte B.

What a great customer service! I had several questions that were honestly answered.

- Erick F.

Mr. Merrick: I’m glad I called. You told me everything I needed to know and answered all my questions.

- Shae-mar C.

Mr. Merrick was great and amazing for providing advice for me and my girlfriend’s situation. He gave me all the scenarios possible and answered my questions immediately and effectively. I would use Mr. Merrick Law firm once again.

- Koran E.

I called his office in order to consult with him regarding an issue I had with my naturalization case. Then I set up an appointment to meet him in person. He was very helpful! I highly recommend him. He and his staff are very reliable and helpful. Thank you for your great help, Mr. Merrick.

- Zaki H.

Outstanding service provided. Answered all questions, and most importantly was able to listen to you and answer the questions in a professionally manner. Thank you!

- Ariel D.

This review is a long time coming.  Matt is definitely the best immigration lawyer in the city!  My husband and I had quite a difficult situation as his green card had expired. Matt helped us through the process and got his green card renewed without having to go for another interview.  He is amazing!!

- Alexis B.

Matt provides a high level of client service coupled with top legal work. He is very experienced in all types of immigration law and gives great support for our clients seeking the E-2 or EB-5 visa.

- Patrick F.

I recommend the Merrick Immigration Law PLLC for my clients. Matt is very knowledgeable, professional, honest and easy to work. It provides a high level of customer service.

- Bruno B.

I hired Merrick immigration law firm to adjust my U visa status to Green Card. My application was approved without even having to go to the interview. Matt is an expert in his field, he is very professional and easy to work with. His legal fees were reasonable and worth every penny. I would absolutely recommend Merrick Immigration Law firm to everyone who is looking for an immigration lawyer. Five stars to Matt.

- Vil S.

Mr Merrick is an excellent immigration lawyer, a specialist in obtaining US visas, since visas for the individuals as focused on business / investment. Has extensive experience and service offered by its offices in the USA and Brazil is of the highest quality. I / my company had the opportunity to work together to Merrick in a recent event and was extremely impressed.

- Fabi Seidel

The best immigration lawyer in the Bronx. He explains and tells everything you need or everything he can do in your immigration case. My process took a year and was approved by USCIS. He is very honest and respected. I recommend Matt Merrick to everyone.

- Carina P.

I had the pleasure talking with Matt yesterday regarding my immigration status. I was seeking a lawyer advice and after speaking with few lawyers, i called Merrick firm and Matt was very nice, patient and welcoming over the phone. Matt really made me feel like he cared and made me feel much more confident! Thank you, Matt!!

- Mai L.

I got a consultation with Mr. Merrick. He was super professional, and knowledgeable of immigration law and procedures. I highly recommend him!
I got all the information I needed to know without any issues. Totally honest and upfront!

His assistant was helpful as well with the gathering of key documentation.

- Michael P.

Matt provided very meticulous and thorough legal advice for me during a difficult time in my family’s immigration case. He covered all of the complex, entangled issues of the case with significant precision. Matt listened carefully to all of my questions, which were numerous. He also arranged some helpful printouts for me, which touched upon various parts of my case. I would highly recommend his legal counsel.

- Chris

Matt assisted me with applying for my Green Card through marriage. I did not know anything about the process, and Matt was able to expertly guide me through the various forms and procedures. My case had a number of complicating factors that I initially thought would be big issues. Matt’s reassuring tones put my mind at ease that we would be able to work through the complexities. Matt was quick to respond to my numerous questions and was always helpful. He has a deep knowledge of the various timelines and who to follow up with. I cannot recommend Matt highly enough, and I would definitely use him again.

- David O.

Matt Merrick is an exceptional lawyer, talented at his profession, personable, honest, and very diligent in his work. I have trusted him once, and would again trust him with my life! I met Matt after a string of unfruitful encounters with several other immigration lawyers who were all unable or willing to take on my case. I was applying for a green card based on my marriage to a U.S. citizen, but it was a challenging case because of some criminal matters on my record from the United Kingdom, including a “Caution” for some charges that could create difficulty for me with U.S. immigration system. The other lawyers I had spoken to did not want to take the case because it was not a “sure thing” or because it would require in-depth research, planning, knowledge and plenty of skill and experience dealing with USCIS.

Matt not only was willing to take on my case, but he rose to the challenge with an air of confidence and reassurance. His attitude lifted me from what was a dark and challenging experience. Matt gave me the assurance I needed so I could focus on my family life, knowing that the matter was in good hands. Matt was also always available to communicate with me directly, whenever I had questions or needed advice.

After extensive efforts and due to Matt’s meticulous preparation of my adjustment of status application as well as preparing my wife and I for our immigration interview, I am so happy and grateful to be able to say that my Green Card application was approved. USCIS needed extra time to review the legal arguments Matt had prepared to show USCIS that the U.K. caution was not a conviction and that the other matters should not prevent me from becoming a lawful permanent resident of the United States. I recommend Matt without reservation and will continue to use him throughout the rest of my immigration processes.

- Luke

It’s been years since last time i reviewed a service online and the fact that i am doing it now even though my immigration case is not over yet says it all! I’ve known Matt Merrick several months now, and I am very happy to let everyone know how thankful I am to be represented by him. For reference, the visa we are working on is a marriage-based immigrant visa; however, my immigration case is a lot more complicated than a conventional application for a visa based on marriage.

Since day one, Matt has shown outstanding knowledge, dedication and responsiveness, and his extremely thorough work has had a great impact on my immigration case. Frankly I can’t imagine how complicated my life could’ve been without his help. Obviously when a marriage is involved, it is not just a holiday in the US. The seriousness of the case can affect your future life in several ways and requires extreme attention to details.

I have had the chance to be introduced to Carla Lopes Dos Santos, his paralegal, and I can only say great words about her. My wife and I love Carla. She is really a wholehearted person and absolutely helpful fulfilling all of our needs and doubts 24/7, just like Matt who has always been available. Sure, this is not an invitation to take advantage of that since a professional working hours should be respected, but it clearly shows the level of their commitment.

Matt and Carla grabbed our case like it was their own and I can’t describe how thankful we are to be represented by both of you.

- Enrico & Melody

I would highly recommend Matt Merrick. I needed a consultation on a family immigration case. While other lawyers did not call back, or were not particularly helpful, he spent time on the phone with me understanding and responding to my concerns. He was thorough, professional and advised me well. I would definitely hire him in the future if I needed any immigration related legal services.

- Akhilesh

Matt was very helpful in acquiring a visa and green card for my Italian wife. He was very knowledgeable about the process and made sure that every contingency was taken care of. Thanks to Matt’s help, the visa process was much quicker than we anticipated, and my wife was able to join me in the U.S. in just a couple of months! I would highly recommend his services to anyone needing help with the immigration process.

From my Italian wife: “Grazie Matt per tutto il supporto e la professionalita’ che ci ha dato la possibilita’ di stare insieme con mio marito in pochi mesi! E grazie anche per la simpatia e le risposte sempre veloci ed eloquenti!

Se dovete fare un processo per una Green Card Mr. Merrick e’ uno dei consulenti migliori! Grazie!

- Ralph H.

Matt is a very knowledgeable and helpful immigration advisor. He handled my immigration case and all of it went without a glitch or hassle. Matt really took care of every little detail and relieved most of the tiresome paperwork processes involved with immigration processes, which was great for my husband and me as we had really tight schedules. He is incredibly professional, very friendly and patient. We highly highly recommend him!

- Madhuri K.

Mr. Merrick is a very knowledgeable and helpful attorney. If anyone needs an immigration lawyer he is the man!

- Michael S.

If you are seeking an immigration attorney, Matt Merrick should be at the top of your list. He had us prepared every step of the way. We did not experience any of the problems that

- Janna

I would highly recommend Matt Merrick for any immigration case. I hired Matt to represent me with my Naturalization application. He prepared my application in an efficient, professional manner and ensured that it was processed

- Jose

Mr. Merrick has been very helpful on a number of different immigration issues. He is trustworthy, experienced, bi-lingual (or maybe tri-lingual) and always available with a kind demeanor and great advice. Highly recommended!

- Steven K.

I highly recommend Matt Merrick as an immigration attorney. He handled my citizenship case and was very professional and attentive. Matt is a very knowledgeable attorney and did a great job.

- David R.

We hired Matt for assistance in applying for lawful permanent residency for my husband. We always felt like we were in good hands. He helped us collect the information we needed for his team to

- Rodney

We hired Matt to assist us with obtaining my wife’s green card. Matt was knowledgeable, responsive and flexible. We decided to pay for professional services and we are glad we did. We obtained a peace of mind and a great resource. We saved ourselves many headaches by hiring Matt.

- Thomas

Matt did an outstanding job with our case regarding the fianceé visa. We did not have the knowledge of the procedure and he guided us every step taking care of everything. The process was organized and smooth. In addition, he was always answered our questions when we were in doubt. Highly recommended!

- Olga

Matt did a very outstanding job with our case. We were seeking a fiancé(e) visa for Anthony to come to the United States, and our case posed some significant challenges, since our relationship had been entirely online, and it was impossible for us to meet in person. Matt was clear about the difficulties we faced, but he persevered to ensure that the waiver we needed would be approved and Anthony could get his fiancé(e) visa to come to the U.S. so we could get married. No words can express how we feel about the outstanding work Matt did for us. We would highly recommend Matt to anyone who is in need of qualified lawyer to represent them in an immigration case. Thank you so very much, Matt.

- David & Anthony

Matt did an excellent job. I was seeking a green card via my marriage status, and he was very instrumental in guiding me (and my partner) through the process. He was very responsive every time I had a question or concern, and was proactive in reaching out to me every step of the way. He is clearly very knowledgeable in his space, and I trusted his advice throughout (which served me well). Matt went out of his way to help me navigate my complex situation. He helped me gain approval to travel outside of the country, even though it was outside of the purview of the green card process and the primary reason I hired him. An excellent experience overall!

- Mario

We hired Matt for my spouse’s immigration case. It was a particularly difficult case, and we had been turned down by other lawyers. Matt took our case and kept us informed with every step. He is incredibly professional, honest and meticulous. He was always available if we had questions or concerns. He changed our life and we just can’t thank him enough. We highly recommend him.

- Wayne

Matthew handled my adjustment of status case. He is very knowledgeable about immigration procedures and gave me professional guidance and advice during the entire process. The communication was quick and smooth. He constantly kept me updated about my case, and he was always ready to answer all of my questions. I highly recommend him.

- Ivan

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